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an introduction to alano design

Web sites for individuals, small businesses and clubs—wherever you are. Manage your own content | Book appointments | Run an online shop | Get advice and assistance with your own web creations.

Versatile customer focused solutions—tell me what you need. Animated. Awesome. Bold. Brassy. Competitive. Connected. Data Driven. Dynamic. Easy. Whatever. You can have a modern clean and simple look too—like this page!

Play slideshow #1 (dogs and trees) | Play slideshow #2 (changing lights)


IT support and tuition in and around Edinburgh to home offices and private homes including Adobe Creative Cloud.

PC software tuition and support (and to some degree Mac though I’m not a Mac specialist) including Windows 10, Microsoft 365 and whatever else you may be running may well be within scope. Get your stuff working for you!

I use the Adobe Creative Cloud suite of multimedia software, and will offer tuition and support for beginners up to intermediate users. This incorporates Photoshop, Lightroom, Premiere, After Effects, Audition and InDesign.


A wide ranging selection of current web sites for individuals, clubs and small businesses located throughout the UK from London to the Highlands. Just so you know, these days most sites are built using WordPress, but I also provide Joomla! based sites to some clients. These tend to be more data driven multi user affairs, but it doesn’t mean Joomla! sites have to be boring.

If you’re after just a small ‘Look at me!’ web page or two I might stick to a simple static site since there is no need to pile on the depth of features and complexity of Content Management if it’s really not needed.

Related photography and design services can be provided if required.

In addition to web publishing I am happy to design for paper based media such as newsletters, brochures and other promotional material. These can be delivered in PDF format or as animated digital brochures for web sites.

alano design

is the trading name for Alan Officer, based in Edinburgh.