IT & Software Support

Your IT Guy

I’m interested in helping you to get the most out of your infrastructure – PCs, Macs, phones, tablets, AV equipment, streaming video, online sharing, reliable fast wifi, camera and video equipment . . .

I can sort out your security, backup strategy (actually you have to think about what you need!), networking issues (large house? dodgy wifi? I can fix that), organising your virtual workspace, get you going on Zoom, become productive where once there was just chaos. Maybe you should upgrade your phone line? We can figure all this out.

Get your online presence sorted! I can assist you with setting up your own web site for whatever reason you might want or need one, or can take all the weight off your shoulders by doing the whole thing for you as part of my web design & development workload.

Find out more about this on my websites page.

IT Support Computer Parallax

PC Support

Obviously I can assist with general issues with MS Windows, Microsoft 365 or other common software. Maybe your antivirus is not set up right (or non existent!), you’re having trouble connecting to your printers, you can’t get your laptop to connect to the internet, whatever it is . . .

I don’t do a lot of on call PC hardware repair work, there are plenty repair shops around if your PC has died and you need it fixed pronto. I can easily do PC repair work if it happens to come up along the way, but don’t call me out specially. If you’re not sure if you have a hardware issue or not feel free to ask me.

Mac Support

I don’t possess a Mac (in my defence I came through a long career in corporate PC and IT support!) I do know my way around Macs though, so while I won’t be your first port of call if you have big problems, I can have a look at it for you. If all else fails I know how to talk google and actually make sense of what the support pages tell you (often not an easy task . . .).

Mobile Devices

I am conversant with Android and iOS mobile devices and apps. Get everything working together. It’s your life!

IT Support Parallax Clouds


I can help you sorting out your Cloud configuration, be it for backup, file sharing or just because you have space and are trying to figure out how to use it.

Adobe CC

I use Creative Cloud on a daily basis and can provide tuition for beginners up to intermediate levels of knowledge: Photographic work using Photoshop and Lightroom, Video production from camera through to final exported film for web or cinema using Premiere and After Effects, sound production using Audition to build up multilayered and looped tracks, publication creation using InDesign and Illustrator*. I don’t design my web using Dreamweaver so have not touched that for at least a decade!

As an additional service I can take publications through to animated digital booklet versions for web presentation. I can also contribute photography services on demand from lighting assistance to getting a full set of photographs.


I don’t supply T-Shirts. Perhaps I should!